Friday, October 5, 2007

new couples.

Okay i got some new stuff from this week. Well some new couples to tell you guys about. Well first of all i would like to congragulate Torrance for finally getting over Brie Bulch. I mean, he got over it pretty quickly from a terrible break up. Not really but for him the beginning was kinda rocky. Well from what i heard Torrance and Jessie Simmons are now dating. I don't know about you guys, but for me they don't look like what i see when i think of 'cute couple.' Well while Torrance is getting his think on, Brie Bulch isn't alone after this break up either. Her and Luke Epps are now together, again, again. I don't know how many times they have gone together over and over again, since last year. Or maybe even 6th grade? I'm really not sure about it. Yea their not the best couple in the world either. Molly Crosen and Jose Rodriquez are going out for the second time too. Jose and Molly went out about a week ago also but they broke up after Cyn, Turski and Molly got in a fight because of Jose. But their a better couple then most people. One last couple that i just heard about is Carolyn Freidman and Anthony Stabilo. Yep folks that's right, who wouldv'e ever thought? I didn't even know that they were friends in the beginning. Whatever their the worst ever, they won't be together very long anyways. I mean a good looking guy like Stabilo, psh. He should definetly be with someone totally hotter. chya.

new couples.

Friday, September 28, 2007

make out time!!!!!!

Okay so i was in school, and i saw that, "ladies and gentleman" Ally Scobull and Julie Dannenburg are now a bisexual couple. hahahaha! funny. Wow so anyways, i also heard that Jackie Pennington and Sierra Presbery made out before too. And no these are not dares, they just do it to 'experiment.' Haha, experiment my ass, your bi just admit it. The funny thing is, Ally and Julie both have boyfriends. Julie is going out with Connor Finnegan, i'm pretty sure he knows about it and thinks it's hot. So that's probably the only reason their still going out. I'm not sure about Ally's boyfriend Ian, if he knew... Hm, that would kinda be bad, so i'm pretty sure he doesn't know. Well while Sierra is stuffing her bra and making out with Jackie nobody's paying attention to them anymore, so I don't even care. HaHa, that was good.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

fat stuff.

I totally remember seeing Hannah Pennington running around school in her tight shirts and pants all year for the past 5 years. She wasn't fat, i mean i'm not saying that. But she had some meat on her. From what i've seen and heard this year though, she's in better shape. I overheard that she went anorxic over the summer just to look good for the new school year because she still likes Kyle Morton. Haha, that's pretty pathetic if you ask me. She broke up with him, and she still likes him, i mean what's the fun of that. Well maybe it's just because that's about the first/only guy she's ever done anything with. Oh and by the way, lemme just mention, all they did was make out. Haha, funny shit right there.

sexy six.

I'm pretty sure that the sexy six, isn't as sexy as they use to be. You know, all of them got uglier. Here let me name all of them... just so you know who i'm talking about:
Haley Jones.
Carolyn Freidman.
Greer Westman.
Frances Blythe.
Sarah Ives.
Hannah Pennington.
Haha, yea they thought they were all cool if they made up their own little group of friends last year. They wanted the whole school to know about it, but only 20 kids knew, which was pretty funny in my perspective. But the thing is, half of those girls don't even hang out with each other anymore. They all hang out with different people, and barely talk to each other. They also thought that they would get guys by making this "sexy" as they like to call it group up. But they didn't get any guys, eveyone just thinks it's stupid, and that they have no lives. Well i totally agree. Go Boys!

pads, hahaha.

ha, so i was walking out of one of my classes and i saw the funniest thing! Under haley jones's desk was this tiny little blue pad. Omg, i thought it was a a candy wraper. It was the tinyest thing in the world. I don't know if it's Haley's but c'mon she's the smallest girl in that class, and it was under her desk. So attention to everyone!: Haley Jones is finally going through puberty! YAY for her.

emo emo emo.

Well, for some people life sucks. And for other people, their just searching for attention. Lemme name some people that are just acting emo because they think their cool.
- ZOE KAPLAN !: nobody cares.
- ally scobull: are you kidding me? everyone knows your just acting.
- julie dannenburg: your the stupidest fake blonde i fucking know.
- jackie pennington: no guys think your hot, just stop trying.